Solutions for Accessories and cleaning products

Perfect solutions for your dishwashing area

Accessories for perfect dishwashing

The right accessories make daily work easier. Plinths, for example,
ensure ergonomic handling when loading and unloading the machine. Perfect dispensing is guaranteed by using dispensing systems. For perfect cleaning results and stability, items are held securely in baskets and inserts.
These and other genuine original Miele accessories were developed especially for Miele appliances in order to guarantee perfect results.

Commercial technology for professional standards

The highest level of technology

Thanks to innovative and robust commercial technology as well as application-specific programmes for requirements that extend far beyond the household area, Miele Professional machines are perfectly geared to commercial use. Numerous connection options and powerful heater elements enable short cycles and optimum cleaning results with maximum economy. Dispenser modules guarantee the efficient use of detergents and rinse aids, whilst the water preparation systems optimise the wash results.

Universal applications

Flexible installation

Perfect built-under options in runs of units: The professional fresh water dishwashers can be integrated easily into a run of kitchen units. The comprehensive accessories facilitate integration in every installation situation as well as conversion for freestanding installation.

A very high level of hygiene

Fresh water system

Fresh water dishwashers change the water after each cycle. A thorough final rinse is carried out using a temperature that has been adjusted to the washed items. This process ensures perfect dishwashing results and a very high standard of hygiene that significantly exceeds the requirements for commercial dishwashers. Fresh water dishwashers from Miele Professional are also particularly attractive as they are highly economical and have short cycles. With up to 40 wash cycles a day fresh water systems are more economical than tank systems.

Designed for perfect results

The ultimate in innovation

For more than 111 years, our motto "Forever Better" has driven us to find unique solutions for you. The high level of innovation used by the global brand Miele has become virtually synonymous with practical products that are impressively economical to run and give perfect results. The Miele Professional engineers invest a lot of time and energy in developing innovative features to make your daily work easier. For example, as well as perfect cleaning results the fresh water dishwasher system delivers a high standard of hygiene with simultaneous cleaning at two levels.