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Cleaning of saddle cloths and horse blankets

Simple handing for valuable textiles

Outstanding system solutions for all kinds of materials and application areas have made Miele Professional the innovative market leader in the area of laundry care. We have even developed a solution for the cleaning and care of saddle cloths and horse blankets. The right cleaning and care of heavily used saddle cloths and horse blankets are important aspects for the overall image of the horse and rider. After physical exertion these equestrian textiles are usually covered in sweat. The sweat combines with the dirt and dust to form incrustations that block the ventilation pores in the fabric if it is not cleaned regularly. Cleanliness is also an important prerequisite for the health of the horses. When the horse sweats it creates the perfect environment for parasitic fungus to grow. Regular cleaning and care therefore serves to maintain the value and functionality of the expensive blankets and is an efficient hygienic protection against illnesses. There are many advantages to having an in-house laundry at the stables: short processing times, blanket cleaning within the framework of daily work, reduced need for blankets and less odour pollution.

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Elite home for very special horses

A life of riding: Success in business is complemented by several prizes won in equestrian competitions; the couple are amongst the best in the world at show-jumping. In 2005 alone, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum was the winner of the World Cup Final in Las Vegas, the Team European Champion and Rider of the Year, and also won the Grand Prix in Aachen and the Bambi media prize.

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