Fast, versatile and economical

ProfiLine ensures clean crockery in only 22 minutes. And is extremely economical in the process! Energy consumption on these machines has been cut by 11%, whilst water consumption is down by no less than 19%!
In addition to this, the machine offers a simple user interface and various programmes and options to meet a wide variety of requirements.

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Customer benefits

Very short cycles

Are very short cycle times and sparkling results important to you? In this case, the new ProfiLine dishwashers are the perfect choice: Connections for hot water, intelligent dishwashing technology and a powerful heater pump ensure the shortest possible cycle times, starting at only 22 minutes, combined with optimum cleaning results. Take advantage of innovative features that make your crockery sparkle day after day in the shortest amount of time.

Convenient connectivity

How about saving time to concentrate on more important jobs?
No problem! Whether from home or 'on the fly' – networking your new ProfiLine dishwasher opens up innovative opportunities which offer greater convenience, quality of life and security in the hustle and bustle of commercial life. 
With the aid of the free Miele apps* Miele@mobile or mielepro@mobile (coming soon), you are in a position to communicate with your machine from anywhere and at any time to control programmes, check up on remaining programme times or monitor supplies. It only takes a few clicks to conveniently order dishwasher tablets and other supplies from your
smartphone or tablet PC.

*Minimum requirements: Android 4.2+ / iOS 9+

Automatic dispensing of liquid detergent

Dispensing liquid detergent via an external dispenser is both convenient and precise.

Low consumption

The environmentally friendly way of cutting costs: ProfiLine dishwashers with their low consumption are convincing and known for their maximum efficiency. The aim at the product design stage is to achieve perfect dishwashing results by using recyclable materials and no more water, energy and detergent than is absolutely necessary.

Product overview

PG 8130

The entry-line range. Commercial dishwashers for mountains of crockery from meeting rooms, offices and staff kitchens. Eight programmes ensure maximum flexibility. The 'Short' programme with a cycle time of only 29 minutes makes light work of mountains of crockery. With WiFiConn@ct and the option to add automatic liquid dispensing, the machine takes much of the workload off the hands of users, making operation simple. Available as freestanding or built-under unit.

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PG 8130 i

With a Short programme cycle from 29 minutes, this entry-line integrated model blends in seamlessly in all kitchens.  Maximum final rinse temperature of 82°C and AutoOpen drying guarantees particularly hygienic and simple operation. With WifiConn@ct and the option to add automatic liquid dispensing, this machine is ideal for use up to five times a day and wont skip a beat ensuring optimum cleaning results with maximum economy.

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PG 8132 SCi XXL

The 22-minute dishwasher as an integrated version, this time with an extra large cabinet (XXL). For a considerably larger load capacity and even bigger mountains of crockery. This machine offers sufficient space for up to 14 place settings. The patented 3D+ cutlery tray guarantees the perfect cleaning and drying of cutlery.

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PG 8133 SCVi XXL

The fast built-in dishwasher as fully integrated version. For the perfect integration into elegant runs of kitchen cabinetry. Also equipped with an extra large cabinet (XXL) for an increased capacity and with the patented 3D+ cutlery tray. Connectivity with WiFiConn@ct and BrilliantLight interior lighting are also standard features.

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ProfiLine dishwashers in use

Your new, most industrious employee! Ensuring that crockery is ready for use again in next to no time! With short cycles of as little as 22 minutes, ProfiLine machines ensure that crockery is cleaned in no time at all. This dispenses with the tiresome task of having to wash crockery by hand at the end of a long office day, and ensures smooth, glitch-free processes.

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Brochure & flyer

Brochure & flyer

The current promotional flyer and brochure on these special models can be downloaded here.

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