The new rotary ironers PM 12

Miele flatwork ironers PM 12

New standard with exclusive features

Thanks to the best ergonomics, unique user convenience, perfect laundry finish, exclusive features and excellent power, the new PM 12 product range sets the benchmark in the compact class.

Product overview

Animation Miele Professional Wäschemangeln

Animation Miele Professional rotary ironers

Watch the film and learn about the features in the PM12 new generation of rotary ironers. 

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Video Mangelfibel

Miele Professional rotary ironer manual

The film will show you how to use them correctly and also give you a lot of tips

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Mounds of washing?

With a working speed of up to 16 m per minute up to 1.6 tonnes of washing can be processed in one shift. Find out more about the high performance flatwork ironers from Miele Professional. 

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Exclusive features

Best possible ergonomics

  • Work standing or sitting
  • Exclusive to Miele: Individual work height thanks to adjustable machine feet and optional plinth

Simplest user interface

  • Large touch display with easy-to-use programme display and overview of all the important functions
  • Exclusive to Miele: Freely placeable footswitch for quick and convenient start and stop of the ironer

Flexible laundry feed for top model PM 1217

  • Exclusive to Miele: Simple switching between front laundry infeed and outfeed for wash throughput with 2 operators

Perfect laundry finish

  • Aluminium heater plate for perfect processing
  • Optimum heat distribution from infeed to outfeed of laundry
  • Optimum leaf-spring padding for the PM 1217
  • Exclusively in Miele products: Even pressure over the whole rolled width thanks to the air suspension in the heater plate
  • Laundry outfeed table with automatic textile cooling

Efficient performance

More performance for maximum efficiency

Savings of up to 50% mean not only shorter working time and thus massive savings in processing costs, but also clearly lower energy bills. Because the less time that is required for the ironing of great volumes of laundry – of course whilst maintaining premium quality – means that less energy has to be used. And your investment in the new ironer in the PM 12 range amortises itself in a very short space of time.

Sample calculation

Laundry volume 80 kgWork time
work time
per day [h:mm)

Work time
work time
per year [h]

Savings in
work time
per year [h]
Savings in
work costs
per year [EUR]
HM 21-100 5:43 1429 - -
PM 1210 3:49 952 476 4762


Basis for the sample calculation

  • Comparison of the earlier model HM 21-100 with the new PM 1210 with fan
  • At maximum performance
  • Laundry volume to be ironed 80 kg
  • Capacity usage of roller width 80%
  • Residual moisture at entry 25%
  • One layer cotton textiles
  • Work costs 10 €/h

Washing, drying, ironing

System with flatwork ironer PM 1210

Together with the washing machines and tumble dryers in the Little Giants range, the new flatwork ironer PM 1210 is the ideal solution for small operations.

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System with flatwork ironer PM 1214

The flatwork ironer PM 1214 is the perfect supplement to the Miele washing machines and tumble dryers in the octoplus range. The performance capacity of the ironer ensures the efficient care of linen in smaller hotels and retirement homes.

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System with flatwork ironer PM 1217

The new flatwork ironer PM 1217 is the first choice for dealing with laundry from large restaurants and hotels as well as retirement and care homes. With compact external measurements, flexible laundry handling and a high performance capacity the PM 1217 is the ideal system supplement for intensive daily work situations with large quantities of washing

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