A new era in laundry care

FashionMaster – convenient active ironing partner
Is ironing not one of your favourite pastimes? We can relate to that. And this is why we have developed an ironing system that allows you to iron your laundry more easily, more quickly and more smoothly than ever before.Ironing with the Miele FashionMaster makes this chore seem far less daunting. Even preparation requires less time and effort: equipped with an ironing board, an iron and a steam generator, the FashionMaster has everything on board. On two floor-friendly rollers, it is as effortless to pull and move around the home as a golf buggy. It even takes the odd step or two in its stride. The innovative technology of the FashionMaster helps you to deal with a mountain of laundry quickly and easily. From delicate silk blouses and robust linen jackets to difficult items with sequins and prints, etc. – with the FashionMaster you can iron any fabric in next to no time. Easy ironing without compromise.
The secret behind the FashionMaster is sophisticated technology. Our motto during development: perfect results with minimum effort. You will experience this right from the outset with the patented 1-2 lift system*. It helps to set the FashionMaster up in a matter of seconds with very little effort on your part. Then there is the extremely precise and efficient steam technology which ensures perfectly smoothed garments with ease. The iron with its special non-stick soleplate guarantees optimum steam distribution and thereby perfect ironing results. With a powerful steamer, the benefits of steam generation can even be used on hanging textiles, delivering convenience and versatility. A display keeps you informed about the state of the appliance, e.g. when the water container needs refilling. The FashionMaster also stands out with its functional and attractive design. Even when folded, it is almost too good-looking to be hidden away. So it’s no surprise that this Miele innovation has received awards from several renowned design panels.
Patent: EP 2 169 108Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.