A focal point for your kitchen

Island decor rangehoods
Are you planning a lavish cooking island? Then the ultimate appliance for your kitchen should be an island rangehood from Miele. It will be the attractive design highlight at the centre of your kitchen. Design your creative cooking centre with clear contours and concise design accents. Miele offers you high-quality designs for the most discerning demands. 
Wall-mounted decor rangehoods
Turn your cooking area into an eye-catching focal point of your kitchen: wall-mounted rangehoods can be integrated between two wall units or - to make a bold statement - used solo as a focal point. Miele wall-mounted rangehoods feature clean, prominent lines and perfect workmanship. Make a clear statement with a minimalist design in stainless steel or a combination of stainless steel and glass. With a straight or bowed glass canopy: the functionality and design of Miele wall-mounted and island cooker hoods are a highlight in every kitchen. 
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