Rangehood Accessories

Odour filters to prevent unpleasant odours

Avoid unpleasant odours in recirculation mode
Recirculation rangehoods draw the cooking vapours in and filter out grease and odour particles. As the cleaned air is directed back into the room, a charcoal filter is required to prevent unpleasant odours in the kitchen. Charcoal filters must be replaced on a regular basis. The control lamp on the odour filter button reminds you to replace the filter. This function is NOT active ex works. However, it is easy to activate yourself. (Please refer to your Miele rangehood operating instructions).
Extraction mode rangehoods
In the extraction mode the suctioned air is transported directly to the outside with a fan that is mounted on the outside wall or the roof. Therefore, no charcoal filters are needed for this operating mode.
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