All about networking

WiFiConn@ct allows Miele appliances to be easily integrated into the local WiFi network – without any additional components.

How do I register my appliance for my network?
You can use the Miele@mobile app to register your appliance.

How do I register my Miele appliance via WPS for my WiFi network?
You need a WiFi router that supports WPS for this. The Miele@mobile app supports this process (link to brief instructions)

How can I tell whether my WiFi network is available in the set-up location?
Use the WiFi signal strength display on your smartphone or tablet.

What is the range from the WiFi module?
The WiFi range depends on household conditions.

What do I do if the WiFi signal at the set-up location does not reach my Miele appliance?
In this case we recommend the use of a commercially available WiFi repeater, e.g. Devolo, to increase the range of the WiFi network.
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