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Unrestricted access with the app-based control
The Scout RX2 can conveniently be operated by smartphone or tablet from home or when out and about. The Miele Scout RX2 app* provides all the important information and offers key control options at a glance.
Status display and timer
The welcome screen gives you all the key information at a glance, e.g. which mode the Scout RX2 is currently in and when it will begin the next cleaning session. With just two clicks, you can select a cleaning mode and start the robot vacuum cleaner straight away.
Home Mapping
The Scout RX2 navigates systematically through the rooms and generates a map of the area being cleaned. This enables you to track where the Scout RX2 is at any given time and find out which areas have already been cleaned.
Home Vision**
Via the Home Vision function, live images taken by the Scout RX2 are transmitted to a mobile device. This allows you to monitor what goes on in your own four walls any time wherever you are. The camera images are not recorded as a video stream but are transferred individually in real time. Security comes first: that is why image transmission is encoded. Data is transmitted in encrypted form and only decoded on arrival at the mobile device.
Available for a mobile device (for the minimum requirements, please refer to the information provided in the app store)Transmission quality is dependent upon the speed of the Internet connection in your home and the speed of your mobile device.Depending on modelImages serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.