Gentle laundry care spot-on

PerfectCare technology is the perfect interaction of four clever functions that ensure optimum washing and drying results:
Miele honeycomb drum 
Ensures that your favourite clothes are treated with care. 
Electronic PerfectDry residual moisture control 
This allows you to achieve precise drying results in a particularly ecological way. Depending on the model, Miele washer-dryers offer up to 5 different drying levels. This ensures that your laundry always has the degree of drying you want.  
Saves time and energy. Even before the drying cycle begins, your textiles are tumbled in a current of warm air while the spin speed is gradually increased. This means that the water content drops even before the actual drying cycle has started.
Automatic fluff removal 
Removing fluff by hand is no longer needed because your Miele appliance does it for you – automatically and as a separate programme.
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.