Accessories for Refrigeration and Wine Conditioning Units

For authentic, intense flavour indulgence

Many different types of food are stored in a refrigerator. Some of which, such as cheese, may smell. Food and wine should be stored in an environment that is cool with correct temperature regulation as well as being completely odour-free to enable pure and intense enjoyment of their delicate aromas and original flavours. It is also extremely unpleasant if there are strong smells in the kitchen after opening the refrigerator. This is why Miele refrigerators and wine cabinets have a Miele Active AirClean filter. Due to their innovative ingredient combination of active charcoal and natural chitosan, odours are removed, preventing transfer to other food items or wine and preventing unpleasant odours wafting into the air when opening the door. The filters can be fitted in the appliance quickly and easily.
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.