Why do you need a smart robot vacuum cleaner? 

Systematic navigation 
Miele brings suction power and cleaning performance to a high level of precision, and sets the bar high on the market when it comes to efficiency and thoroughness. With the unique combination of cameras, sensors, electronics and software, the robot vacuum cleaners navigate through rooms systematically. 
Furniture Protection
The two front cameras on the Scout RX3 allow the distances to obstacles in the path of the unit to be calculated continuously. Together with Furniture Protection Technology, consisting of 7 infrared sensors in the front of the unit, this allows obstacles to be recognised and negotiated. Three further infrared sensors under the unit reliably prevent the unit from falling down stairs. 
3D Smart Navigation 
Scout RX3 can even see its surroundings in 3D. The Smart Navigation system has undergone further development, enabling the robot vacuum cleaner to use a stereo camera system for high-precision, three-dimensional room detection. In this way, the appliance can anticipate the distance from potential obstructions and manoeuvre around furniture and other objects. Even when the layout of the room is complex, the Scout RX3 moves along undeterred and cleans thoroughly. 
Depending on modelImages serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.