Cleaner air thanks to active charcoal filters 

Active AirClean filter 
To remove odours with a Miele recirculation mode rangehood, you can use an active charcoal filter. This disposable filter has to be replaced on a regular basis. 
Longlife AirClean filter 
Thanks to the reactivatable active charcoal filter, odours are efficiently removed inside the oven. Alternatively, these charcoal filters can be purchased as optional accessories for many wall-mounted, island and built-in rangehoods. 
Sensitive AirClean filter 
The Miele Sensitive AirClean filter effortlessly removes cooking odours while maintaining the optimum room climate. The filter is equipped with an additional fleece. This effectively filters fine dust, such as spores, pollen or bacteria and reduces the amount of fine dust (PM 2.5) by 50 % – tested in accordance with ISO 16890. 
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.