CM 7750 CoffeeSelect - Benchtop coffee machine
  • Fascia/control panel-Obsidian black-

CM 7750 CoffeeSelect
Benchtop coffee machine with CoffeeSelect and AutoDescale for maximum flexibility

  •  Enjoyment perfected – CoffeeSelect


    Perfect enjoyment: with 3 bean containers, your coffee speciality is always prepared with the right coffee bean.
  • Fully automatic descaling – AutoDescale


    No more manual descaling: the CM7750 model descale automatically thanks to the patented AutoDescale* function*.
    Patent: EP 2705783 B1, US 201400060338 A1
  • Always freshly ground – AromaticSystemFresh


    Particularly quiet and aroma-preserving: the innovative grinder grinds beans freshly for every cup of coffee.
  • Two coffees at once at the touch of a button – OneTouch for Two
  • Communication with the machine could not be easier – WiFi Conn@ct


    Convenient and time-saving: use your WiFi to remotely operate your machine or order coffee bean supplies online.
  • Obsidian black
Price: $ 4,199.00*
* GST inclusive

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CM7750 CoffeeSelect

Included with product - CM 7750 CoffeeSelect

Milk container made of glass
Descaling cartridge
Cleaning tablets

Optional Accessories - CM 7750 CoffeeSelect

MB-CM-G Milk container made of glass
MB-CM-GMilk container made of glass

for smooth and creamy milk froth

GP DC 001 C Descaling cartridge
GP DC 001 CDescaling cartridge

for automatic descaling of Miele coffee machines.

$ 84.95**Details
MB-CM Stainless steel thermos flask 0.5 l
MB-CMStainless steel thermos flask 0.5 l

for smooth and creamy milk froth

$ 80.00**Details
GP CL CX 0102 T Cleaning tablets, 10 tabs
GP CL CX 0102 TCleaning tablets, 10 tabs

For coffee machines, guarantees the highest level of coffee enjoyment

$ 29.90**Details
GP DC CX 0061 T Descaling tablets, 6 tablets
GP DC CX 0061 TDescaling tablets, 6 tablets

for coffee machine, steam oven, FashionMaster, oven/cooker with Moisture plus.

$ 29.90**Details
GP MI X 0011 W Multi-purpose microfibre cloth, qty 1
GP MI X 0011 WMulti-purpose microfibre cloth, qty 1

For best cleaning results and safe use.

$ 12.90**Details
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*GST inclusive
**GST inclusive
**GST inclusive