Miele Cookbooks

There probably is no other place where the family gathers as often as at the dinner table. A happy or festive gathering of friends and acquaintances almost always culminates in a delicious meal. Where people enjoy company, cooking takes on a role of focal importance. Whether delicious roasts, sweet or savoury spreads or low-calorie and delightful steam oven dishes - with recipes from the Miele cookbooks and how-to-manuals that have been specifically adapted to the functions of the Miele appliances.

Tips and tricks: In the clever Miele guidebooks you can find helpful recommendations on everything concerning the topics of rangehoods, Moisture plus and washing dishes.

Spring | Summer Recipes

You and Miele. A recipe for perfection

Take simple ingredients, add Miele intuition and create perfect results every time. The Miele Spring/Summer Recipe cookbook features some of our favourite seasonal recipes to create lasting memories amongst loved ones.

We hope this selection helps you to share in the joy of a meal together, with your family and friends.

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Low Temperature Cooking

Sharing our passion for cooking to help you prepare perfect dishes

Low temperature cooking is a professional cooking method used to make sure that premium produce is tender, flavoursome, and succulent. Miele warming drawers are the perfect appliance to try our latest low temperature cooking recipes.

We love being able to contribute to happy get-togethers and gatherings helping people around the world share our passion. After all, enjoying delicious food in the company of those we care about is always a pleasure.

We hope you enjoy our selection of low temperature cooking recipes and wish you all "bon appetit".

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Moisture Plus Oven Baking & Roasting

Prepare quick and healthy everyday meals and also culinary menus of the highest quality

Food is the thing that connects us, whether it's a special occasion or simply the evening meal.

This cookbook is designed to be a genuine aid in the kitchen. We have condensed our experience, passion and pleasure into this cookbook by creating recipes that are as imaginative as they are successful.

Your new Miele oven offers you precisely this potential. Enjoy!

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Steam Cooking

Enjoy memorable moments and lively meal conversations with Miele

The steam oven is a true all-round talent and ideal supplement to your oven and cooktop. Whether you are making individual side dishes or a complete meal in one cooking process, your Miele steam oven lets you do it all.

Discover the many benefits of steam cooking with our favourite steam cooking recipes.

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Steam Microwave & Sous-vide Cooking

Discover your new steam oven with microwave and create delicious meals with exceptional flavour

Steam cooking - for cooking food gently
Microwave - for defrosting, reheating or cooking
Rapid steam cooking - for quick reheating or cooking
Discover Sous-vide - for exceptional flavour!

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DGC7000XXL Miele Baking Roasting Steaming Cookbook 2020

DGC7000XXL Baking Roasting Steaming Cookbook

Discover your new Miele steam combinations oven with our cookbook by creating recipe's that are as imaginative as they are successful.

For baking and roasting in combination with moisture. This function is ideal for baking bread and yeast-risen baked goods, and for cooking fish and meat among many other things.

The Miele climate sensor measures and regulates the moisture in the oven compartment precisely for the perfect cooking climate. This enables bread to achieve a crispy, shiny crust. Meat and fish are cooked with the utmost precision and melt in the mouth. Drying herbs and fruit occurs quickly and gently. Enjoy!

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Sous-vide Cooking with Miele

Simplify the cooking process and help food to stay fresh for longer

Sous-vide, French for “under vacuum”, is the term given to a method of food preparation in which vacuum-packed food in plastic bags is gently cooked at low, steadily maintained temperatures over an extended period of time.

The practicality of the sous-vide technique and the unique taste experience it delivers explain why it has become an indispensable part of many kitchens nowadays. The combination of a Miele built-in vacuum sealing drawer and a Miele steam oven bring this exciting technology directly into your home. Enjoy!

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Baking & Rosting

With Miele Gen 5000 series

Steam Combination Oven

Cooking for pleasure with Miele DGC 6000 XL

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Steam Oven

Cooking with steam for healthy living

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Microwave Oven

Cooking for pleasure with Miele

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