All else you should know about Miele cooktops and CombiSets

Construction type

Self-contained cooktops

The cooktops are the focal point of the kitchen, whether on an island or integrated into a run of units.

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Induction model

Heating styles for individual cooking habits

Various types of heating are available for Miele cooktops. Miele offers the right cooktop for every cooking preference. Find out more about induction heating here.

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Variety of sizes

The right size for every kitchen

Do you like cooking with just a few pans or do you enjoy conjuring up lavish meals with lots of pots and pans? However much you love cooking, Miele cooktops offer you plenty of space!

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The exciting range of Miele ProLine appliances

Cooking with the unusual

Ambitious cooking requires professional technology. For this, Miele offers a variety of special appliances including a Tepan Yaki, Salamander grill, induction wok, deep-fat fryer, barbecue grill and much more. Discover a new level of enjoyment!

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Flexible installation options

Stands out thanks to versatility and quality

Miele's downdraft extractor is the highlight among rangehoods. It excels through intelligent technology, added convenience and easy installation in any kitchen. The installation of a downdraft extractor in a base unit overcomes problems such as ceiling heights or other obstructions limiting the view during cooking.

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Accessories and Cleaning Products

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