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 Drying system
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T1 Chrome Edition

Classic appliance design with distinctive door ring. Available with straight or slanted fascia - versatile installation.

T1 White Edition

Fresh appliance design with dynamically bowed front and elegantly designed door. Ideal for stacking.
 Construction type


The appliance can be installed side by side with a washing machine/tumble dryer.


This appliance is suitable for installation in a stack consisting of a washing machine and a tumble dryer. A washer-dryer stacking kit is required for safely connecting the two appliances.


Appliance can be inserted into a niche 85 cm high.
 Drying results


Always perfectly dried: PerfectDry detects the mineral content of the water and modifies the drying process.


Freshness for all the senses: with Miele you not only have very bouncy, but also beautifully fragrant laundry.
Patent: EP 2 431 516Patent: EP 2 431 516

Honeycomb drum*

Less creasing, easy ironing: the honeycomb structure allows laundry to be dried gently and evenly.
Patent: EP 1 293 594Patent: EP 1 293 594
 Drying programmes


Prevents creasing: reduces creasing and simplifies the ironing of shirts and blouses significantly.


Best possible effect: Thermally fixing ensures optimum water-repellent properties.


Gentle drying without loss of function: retains the functional properties of multi-layered membrane fabric.


Airy and fluffy: Even big pillows become fluffy again – whether feather, down or synthetic filling


The fitness programme: sportswear is ready to wear again in next to no time.
 User convenience

Integrated condensed water drainage*

Emptying not necessary: the condensation can be drained off via a hose directly into the sink or a U-tube.
Patent pending: EP 2 532 779Patent pending: EP 2 532 779

Delay start and countdown indicator

According to schedule: You can start the programme whenever you want to fit in with your daily schedule.

LED drum lighting

Nothing can be overlooked: the honeycomb drum is illuminated. No item is left behind when unloading the machine.


Buzzer sounds when laundry is dry: so your laundry does not have to be left longer than necessary in the drum.
 Efficiency and sustainability


Information at a glance: energy consumption and fluff filter status displayed for long-term, low consumption.

EcoDry technology

The filter system and the maintenance-free heat exchanger keep energy consumption and run time low.
 Networking of domestic appliances


Miele@home allows you to network Miele household appliances. It provides you with a convenient way of controlling and monitoring each of your appliances specifically via a mobile device and the Miele@mobile app. 


MobileControl allows you to control your networked Miele household appliances with the Miele@mobile app wherever you might be. You can select, start and even stop programmes (the availability of certain functions will vary depending on the appliance).


WiFiConn@ct provides the technological basis for Miele@home. Your Miele household appliances are networked via your home WiFi router and the Miele cloud.
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TDB130WP EcoT1 Classic heat-pump tumble dryer

1–7 kg capacity for high efficiency at an attractive entry-level price.

$ 1,899.00**Details
TCJ690 WP Eco&Steam WiFi&XLT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

with SteamFinish, 1–9 kg load and WiFiConn@ct for smart laundry care.

$ 3,299.00**Details
TWV680 WP PassionT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

 The very economical Miele all-rounder that meets the highest expectations.

$ 4,499.00**Details
TWB140 WPT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

A++ for high efficiency at an attractive entry level price. 

$ 1,799.00**Details
TWD440 WP EcoSpeed&8kgT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

A+++ and EcoSpeed for faster drying combined with maximum energy efficiency. 

$ 1,899.00**Details
TWJ660 WP Eco&9kgT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

With 1–9 kg load and WiFiConn@ct for intelligent laundry care. 

$ 3,299.00**Details
TWR860 WP Eco&Steam&9kgT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

with SteamFinish, 1–9 kg load and WiFiConn@ct for smart laundry care.

$ 3,999.00**Details
TWF720 WP Eco&8kgT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

EcoDry technology for max. efficiency – for the life of your appliance.

$ 2,499.00**Details
*GST inclusive
**GST inclusive
**GST inclusive
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