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Solutions for Washer-disinfectors

Designed for perfect results

The ultimate in innovation

For more than 50 years Miele Professional has been developing high-quality systems for the cleaning and disinfection of medical and dental instruments, laboratory glassware, and for industrial parts cleaning. During this time, we have become one of the world's market leaders largely thanks to our high quality standards. Our excellent reputation is also based on our outstanding innovative strength. The engineers at Miele Professional continue to invest time and energy in improvements and new developments to drive forward the whole reprocessing field in the dental, medical, laboratory, and industrial areas – to the benefit of all users.

Practical solutions

The right choice for all requirements

Miele Professional is the first choice for professional users, who have high demands when it comes to reprocessing. Instruments for all medical disciplines, even narrow-lumened robotic instruments or delicate orthopaedic motor systems, as well as top-quality laboratory glassware, clinic beds and different industrial components are perfectly cleaned, disinfected and, if necessary, sterilised. Tailor-made performance characteristics and user-specific programmes facilitate perfect processing results with maximum material protection. At the same time, the proverbial Miele quality forms the basis for the particularly efficient use of resources, time and personnel.

Highest flexibility

Wonderfully versatile: the new load carrier

The incomparably varied range of accessories from Miele Professional comprises mobile units, baskets, modules and inserts for almost every instrument and piece of laboratory glassware. With the introduction of the PG 85 range of lab washers , the load carrier system has been completely updated and rebuilt on a new foundation. As well as the particularly effective water and drying air flows, the new load carriers are characterised by their new modular design. In this way they offer the user not only an increased load capacity, but also a plus where flexibility is concerned. This allows you, for example, to realise numerous loading variations in the laboratory with only a few load carriers. Another advantage: thanks to the modular system design, future upgrades can be added particularly easily and cost effectively.