The innovation for perfect results

Perfect wash results
Miele has revolutionised laundry care: no other liquid detergent system washes both white and coloured items as thoroughly as the 2-Phase-System from Miele. This has been proven in comprehensive tests. The secret of the excellent wash performance lies in the two liquid detergent components UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2: they are dispensed from separate cartridges at the perfect time during the wash process – completely automatically. The great advantage of this dispensing principle: For the first time you can now wash both white and coloured items perfectly with liquid detergents. A revolution in laundry care as conventional liquid detergents do not contain bleaching agents. This is only possible with the Miele 2-Phase-System, which dispenses the required active components in stages.
Textile type, quantity of laundry and degree of soiling – all this must be considered for proper dispensing of detergent. This sounds rather complicated. Now Miele takes care of it.
One UltraPhase 1 and one UltraPhase 2 cartridge is included when purchasing a washing machine with TwinDos.
Patent: EP 2 784 205Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.