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Cleanliness for comfort

Exclusive to Miele

AirClean filter system

Breathe freely and deeply

The Miele AirClean filter system filters more than 99.9% of all fine dust particles.

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Active AirClean filters

Active AirClean filters for good indoor air

Also helps neutralise unpleasant odours – ideal for pet owners

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Active HEPA filter

Active HEPA filter for those with allergies

Filters even the finest dust and allergens – ideal for those allergic to house dust.

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Practical problem solvers

Practical problem solvers

Hard-to-reach areas can be dusted easily and conveniently with practical Miele accessories.

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Natural bristles

Thorough but gentle cleaning

Many Miele accessories have natural bristles, ensuring the particularly gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces.

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For deeply cleaned and beautiful carpets

Simultaneous brushing and vacuuming of your carpet. Cut pile and loops are actively raised.

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Turbobrushes: Thorough care for beautiful carpets

Simultaneous vacuuming & brushing releases dirt and hair. Ideal for pet owners with short-pile carpets.

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Genuine original Miele exhaust filter


Some original Miele exhaust filters are equipped with a time-strip® – a change indicator.

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Things worth knowing about Miele accessories for vacuum cleaners

Genuine Miele vacuum cleaner accessories

Perfectly designed for Miele appliances.

Genuine Miele accessories are specially designed for your Miele vacuum cleaner. They promote optimum airflow and are therefore a key factor contributing to the maximum cleaning performance of your appliance.

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Versatile accessories for vacuum cleaners

Perfect dust collection

As every flat and house is furnished differently and individual living situations are very diverse, we offer you a varied selection of vacuum cleaner accessories to meet your needs.

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For households with pets

Customised solutions for special requirements.

Unique individual lifestyles require customised solutions. For all pet lovers, the turbobrush is ideal. The Active AirClean filter also helps absorb odours and is recommended for households with smokers.

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Original Miele AirClean filter system

So that dust stays safely enclosed

The Miele AirClean filter system consists of a genuine original Miele dustbag, a motor protection filter and one of the genuine original Miele exhaust filters. These three filtration levels ensure that the vacuumed dust cannot escape.

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Original Miele dustbags

Why only use Miele vacuum cleaner dustbags?

Clean exhaust air is a matter of course at Miele. Our original Miele dustbags are characterised by outstanding filtration and set new standards in floor care.

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