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Passion, diversity, feel-good factor....

An individual style - fashion can be all this and more. Have a peek into the top international designers' studios and discover the latest trends and must-haves from the fashion centers of the world.
Furthermore, helpful tips on how to clean and care for your clothing to keep it in great condition for as long as possible.

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Fashion Trends

Hardly any other industry changes its trends as quickly as the fashion world. What is seen as poor taste today can be hot tomorrow - and vice versa. Trendsetters, fashion journalists, style gurus, stars, bloggers and designers worldwide show us what is in and what we had better stay away from.

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Fashion Designer

Milan, Paris, New York, London or Berlin: Keen followers of fashion get very excited at least twice a year. when the international designers and fashion houses introduce their latest collections. Come along with us and take a look behind the scenes of the fashion world.

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Helpful advice and information

Here, in addition to interesting information on materials, we offer you numerous tips for stain removal and explain the meaning of the care symbols.
Become savvy with our guides to washing and ironing.

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